Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vinyl Life album reviews

“Vinyl Life offer a trip back to the golden age of dance music and hip hop, give it a listen and you might learn something too as Vinyl Life deftly acknowledge the past while bringing it into the future.” - Ventvox

“The album has a crispness and clarity that is rarely found in digitally composed works and, even better, it features some amazing classic synth sounds!” - Bangers and Thrash

"If you like it old skool, you will have made love the analog flavor of Vinyl Life." -

“Backed up by a soundtrack that spans over two decades of clubbing, all wrapped up in a tasty present day pastiche, New York City’s Vinyl Life at first sound a bit like classic Jungle Brothers, only with haircuts and designer jeans, before delving deeper into the club, ending up in the ladies toilets doing lines off somebody's breast, losing any associations with the Brother's afrocentric meanderings on the dancefloor of the club's sweaty backroom where all the really cool kids hang out.” - Chrome Kids

“Within the first 5 minutes of listening to the album I couldn't help but think that I was listening to a hip-hop version of Kraftwerk.” - Boom Boom Chik

“This is a cracking little release where oldschool rap and analogue rave meet 2009.” The Hats and Friends

Butcha, Phaze Future & Richie Roxx, les 3 old-school vibes makerz de Vinyl Life (NYC) ont construit leur univers musical à travers leur amour inconditionnel pour le hip-hop, les instruments et les machines. - OK in Art

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