Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vinyl Life on NBC

Listen for the Vinyl Life anthem "Future Beat" this Sunday April 18th around 12:30pm on the National Heads Up Poker Tournament. It will coming in right after a commercial break in a piece on the "Pairings Party".... About 30 seconds of it. Cant miss it... Music hits first...
With a voice over by the really hot host.

(According to our sources. We hope he's right)

Also, out today is the first remix of "Hi Tops" by Cru Jonez. The official release on iTunes and Beatport will be in a few weeks, but we're offering it now to readers of this list. In the following two weeks we'll also make available remixes by Berlin's Bill Youngman and Koolfella. All cuts are by DJ Skribble. Anyone who downloads any of these mixes from now until the 27th of April will be entered into a drawing to win the sick VL prize package including T-shirts, signed vinyl, and a box of those root beer candies you love so much.

We're cleaning out the warehouse so all items in the SHOP are 25% off with $1 shipping. Get yourself the Tape Theory oven mitts you've always dreamed of. Use the code HITOPS at checkout.

Peace to Big Daddy Kane,

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